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Piangrande di Castelluccio, 1987
Rock Face with Plants, 1989
Casentino Forest, 1992
Acquacheta, 1991
Galaverna, 1992
Casentino Forest, 1992
Garfagnana, 2002
Casentino Forest, 1992
Casentino Forest, 1992
Birches, 1999
Lucania, 2001
Calabria, 1999
San Vigilio di Marebbe, 1995
Formia, 2002
Pine Wood at Montenero, 2006
Tree in Wheat Field, 2000
Emilia, 2001
Southern Station, 1998
Canal in Woods, 1996

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George Tatge's photographs are apparitional. They re-vision the objects he selects and that selection, the photographer's syntax, is at once classical and idiosyncratic, their often hieratic compositional order ruptured by surprise ...
Italy's seduction could have diverted a lesser photographer into the precincts of the picturesquely obvious. Instead, Tatge seeks out its secrets, using his black and white palette with a sensitivity to the subtlest effects of light and velvety darkness... The chiaroscuro of Tatge's palette is a kind of breathing. Light glistens almost mystically on branches, on pools of water. Often, light sculpts the tectonics of the man-made structures he isolates. The compound geometries
would be dizzying were it not for Tatge's judicious control.

Barbara Novak, 2008 (From Presences, Italian Landscapes)