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Self-portrait, 1973
Leaning Door, 1971
Five Nuns, 1971
Caffé Florian, 1974
Ferry to Sicily, 1974
Man and Woman, 1974
Woman on a Bench, 1973
The Retired Organist, 1973
Bar Proprietor, 1973
Hotel Manager, 1974
Man with Umbrella, 1974
Jobless Farmer, 1974
Madman on Beach, 1973
Homage to Rilke, 1974
Testaccio Unicorn, 1974

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First Years in Italy
These photographs were made over an 18-month period after I had moved
to Italy. I found it difficult to reach through to Romans (I was just another
tourist) and discovered that most of the portraits that worked best had been taken out in the peripheral areas. I needed to get below the surface, the reason I chose to move to a small town in Umbria called Todi.