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Self-Portrait, 1969
Lisa, 1970
Bubber, 1970
Lady of Beloit, 1970
Farm Lady, 1971
Two Boys, 1971
Man with Glove, 1971
Station Man, 1971
Midwest Gothic, 1971
Family with Stroller, 1971
Two Students, 1971
Coffee Shop, 1971
Through a Glass Door, 1971
Five Young Girls, 1972
Jeff on a Trampoline, 1972
Lynn in the Hail Storm, 1972
Lynn and Gaugin, 1972
Lynn and Jean, 1973
Mother and Child, 1972

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Early Years
I spent four years studying English Literature at Beloit College in Wisconsin.
That is where I met my wife Lynn and my mentor Michael Simon, a Hungarian
who had left during the revolution and was beginning his career as a teacher
of photography. His teachings have stayed with me throughout my life and
we still speak on a regular basis. The most important lesson I learned from
Michael is that photography can be a key to the exploration of one’s most
profound, subconscious self.
These photographs were published soon after my arrival in Italy by Lanfranco
Colombo, another great friend, in his magazine Fotografia Italiana.