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Scoglio della Regina, 2019
Abandoned Shipyard, 2019
Bulk Cargo and Silos, 2019
Beach Resort, 2019
City in Red, 2012
Underpass, 2012
Via Maestri di Lavoro, 2012
No Way Out, 2014

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The Color of Chance: Metaspaces
George Tatge is a photographer best known until now for his black and white depictions of architecture and landscapes in Italy, a country constantly straddling between past and present, between monuments, ancient ruins and modern metropolitan suburbs. Characterised by a metaphysical touch, the photographs in this new work Il Colore del Caso (The Color of Chance) depict places and views which appear both near and far at the same time: rich with accidental occurrences, with references to the fragility and fortuity of things, but also as if suspended in an eternal moment in which truth and falsity co-exist, often aided by a bit of subtle irony. This book, along with the exhibition it accompanies, covers a much less known and relatively new aspect of Tatge’s artistic research: his copious color production, which he has been consistently working on since 2011, when he saw an exhibition on Odilon Redon at the Grand Palais in Paris. Impressed by the fact that, after producing black and white drawings and lithographs for most of his life, the French artist decided in 1890 to start painting and to introduce color into his work, Tatge drew inspiration from his example…

Nicoletta Leonardi
Text in second edition of Il Colore del Caso
(The Color of Chance)