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Three Piles of Rags, 2013
Red rags, 2013
Blue Rags, 2013
Black Rags, 2016
Grey Rags, 2016
Pink Rags, 2016
Brown Rags, 2016
Caged Rags, 2016

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The Color of Chance: Color
One series of Tatge’s color photographs adds strong elements of novelty to his artistic research. These are the pictures of the so called “cenci”, old rags regenerated for the production of low price new textiles. He took these inside the last surviving textile manufacturing plants in Prato, which are still engaged in this virtuous and innovative method of recycling that used to sustain the local economy and which is now in a state of profound crisis and on the verge of disappearing. The images of heaped, stacked and packed cenci divided by color and material by the last old workers capable of recognizing their various typologies by touch, are striking for their dramatic and at the same time composed beauty. They quietly tell us about the real world through a melancholic gaze full of pietas towards the everyday objects that inhabit it.

Nicoletta Leonardi