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Tamarisks, 2019
Sycamore After the Bora Wind, 2012
Red Hot Poker, 2016
Eucalipti, 2012
Withered Banana Tree, 2012
Aloe and Pole, 2013
Tree Stump and Palm Trees, 2014
Station, 2012
Sycamores, 2013

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The Color of Chance: Vegetation
The Color of Chance introduces a component so far undervalued in Tatge’s poetics. Rather than the establishment of dialogues bound by narrative structures or the translation of landscapes chosen from his extremely original Baedeker into a metaphysical language, the protagonist this time is Chance: The combination of heterogeneous elements - places, buildings, objects, trees, street furnishings, sunlight – that lets loose a catalog of unforeseen realities, or rather of eccentric compositions not following a definite plan, but brought together by the disordered succession of everyday life...
With this propensity to portray both lovingly and ironically the infinite combinations that his constantly watchful eye extracts from the bustling and often confusing contemporary world, Tatge once again proves to be infusing his work with several cultural traditions that deepen its interpretation…

Carlo Sisi