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Trajan’s Baths, 2014
Railway Fence, 2017
Cement Fence, 2012
Ex-Gas Plant, 2013
Erosion, 2015
Levee, 2018
Three Fences, 2017
Blue Fence, 2013

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The Color of Chance: Enclosures
The sudden shift to color of a photographer strongly linked to the tradition of black and white may appear, at first, as a radical change of direction. But this is not the case. Despite the diversity and novelty of his recent work, there are also strong elements of continuity between Tatge’s past and present production. In some of the pictures, for example, the colors look as if they were alien to the context, as unexpected appearances that transform places into surreal spaces. A comment sent to the author by art historian Carlo Bertelli is, in this respect, emblematic: "more than color photographs, Tatge’s are photographs of colors". Colors encountered by chance along his path, colors suddenly unveiling themselves to his surprised gaze, the gaze of a photographer who, having put aside greyscale thinking, seems to have regained some of his childhood innocence. From this point of view the title of both the book and the exhibition appears like something of a manifesto: The Color of Chance...

Nicoletta Leonardi