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Pink Wall, 2019
Moss, 2014
Cut Vine, 2017
Painted Window, 2012
Walled-in Passageway, 2012
Painted Shutters, 2017
Stone Window, 2012
Pink Poirot, 2016
Three Cypress Trees, 2012
Empress Tree, 2012
Billboard, 2017
Shed with Peach Tree, 2016
Ginori, 2015
Curtain, 2014
Crates, 2014
Signs with a Lizard, 2018
Three Padlocks, 2019
Ivy on Ivy, 2012
Arch, 2012
Shadows, 2013
Green Blind, 2015
Painted Shrine, 2018
Wallcutof Plants, 2012
Winter Landscape, 2018
Homage to Odilon Redon, 2018

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The Color of Chance: Surfaces
The last two sections of the exhibition, Enclosures and Surfaces, are those that most express the new poetics of Tatge’s photography and his fascination with color: His striving for freedom
from the image itself. The preference accorded to the values of form rather than narration create the framework for his images of planes in which texture, color schemes and rays of light circumscribe a palpitating and mysterious world, a universe of marginal details of precious consistency, domestic idols offered up to the adventure of the eye.

Carlo Sisi