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Fašade, Paris, 1986
Columns and Condominium, Terni, 2006
Two Mens' Shadows, Terni, 2006
Statue over Piazza del Popolo, Rome, 2008
Fornaci, Pistoia, 2008
Coop, Terni, 2006
Three Facades, Veneto, 2000
Teatro di Marcello, Rome, 2000
13:58, Livorno, 2010
Swimming Pool and Sea, Livorno, 2010
Auditorium, Pistoia, 2010
Thyrus Village, Terni, 2006
Temple, Sicily, 2006
S.Bartlomeo al Mare, 2000
Via delle Portelle, Terni, 2006
Ramp, Pistoia, 2007
Liceo Tacito, Terni, 2006
Mensa, Pistoia, 2007
Via dei Chiodaioli, Terni, 2006
Via Mancini, Terni, 2006

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Metaphysical Marginalia
Buildings and objects placed in space in certain perspectives lose their common meanings and become symbols or metaphors for concepts hidden behind the facades of the visible world. Metaphysics is the discovery of the mystery that is before our eyes, behind the most normal aspects of life ...

There are more mysteries in the shadow of a man walking under the sun than in all the religions of the world, past, present and future.

Giorgio de Chirico