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Figurative Fig, 1999
Two Bianchi, 1998
Bicycle, 2005
Roadside Angel, 1998
Bologna, 2009
Madonna, 2001
San Lorenzo, 2002
Otranto, 1999
Preacher, 1983
Foligno, 2010
Pissoir, 1985
White Robe, 2000
Curtain with Plants, 2010
Transmitter Garden, 2008
Canoe, 1999
Stairways, 2004
Mask, 2008
Self Portrait with Gate, 2008
Sarzana, 2010
Palms, 2001
Wrappings, 1997
Dome, 2010

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Sometimes the weirdest, or most bafflingly ordinary, events grant for the artist a natural surrealism beyond the most ardent attempts of someone like Man Ray. Tatge's magic is in his lightning-fast capturing of the light in this image. Without its spindly shadows and strange layerings of illumination and darkness, the ostensible drama of the image would fade into obvious "surrealism." He has a remarkable capacity to take a primally arresting image and transform it into a cipher written in the artist's unmistakable language. It is both universal and entirely personal in its character.

Jane Livingston, 2008 (From Presences, Italian Landscapes)