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Tiber River Below Todi, 1997
Cervia, 1997
Corrugated Iron, 1997
Erosion, 2000
Landslide, 1999
Cypresses with Fence, 1994
Sondrio, 2001
Work in Progress, 2000
Calabria, 1998
Rectangle of Water, 1998
Lucera, 1998
Underpass, 2001
Circle of Rocks, 2000
Circled Rocks, 2001
Rimini, 1997
Circle of Water, 1996

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Land Art
The leitmotif that runs through this sequence of pictures and characterizes Tatge's iconographic and ethical choices may not be peaceful but never appears as purely conflictual. It is most apparent in the photographs in which those odd, anonymous but revealing remnants of our civilization appear. Remnants of a daily life that taken out of context assume a new enigmatic meaning ... clearly reminiscent of the poetry of found objects so dear to Dadaism and Surrealism, and also of the works of Land Artists of the '70s. Tatge is particularly aware of these movements, both because of their underlying cultural references and because they reveal nature's capacity to deal with these intrusions, becoming background, support or integral part of these "installations", adapting itself to their forms. As seen by the photographer, this forced dialogue leads to a new form of beauty... a beauty that springs from intrusions, contrasts, boundaries, a beauty that in no way attempts to take the place of natural beauty but refutes the simplistic equation that what is modern is by definition jarring and worthless.

Walter Guadagnini, 2008 (From Presences, Italian Landscapes)