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Chickory Pickers, Amelia, 1982
Porta Etrusca, Perugia, 1983
Pantheon, Rome, 2000
Salt Warehouse, Cervia, 1999
Largo Argentina, Rome, 2007
Trento, 1995
Piazza Capranica, Rome, 2007
Barga, 1986
Condominium, Friuli, 1999
Livorno, 2009
De Campos, Brazilian War Cemetary, Pistoia, 2007
Michelucci Church, Pistoia, 2007
Ara Pacis, Rome, 2007
Terni, 2006
Pistoia, 2007
Superstudio, Pistoia, 2007
Vivarelli, Cemetary, Pistoia, 2007
Terni, 2006

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Architecture was born out of a profound respect for nature. Ancient man
was concerned with questions of solar orientation and aware of the sacred and archetypal stirrings of geometric shapes and proportions. And he brought them all together in the designs of the first temples. Sensitive architects are still dealing with the same issues. I like to photograph buildings with these
elements in mind.

From an interview in Architettura & Arte, 1/2 - 2004, Pontecorboli, Florence