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River Garden, Abruzzo, 1998
Industrial Garden, Rome, 2002
Transmitter Garden, Montecatini, 2007
Highway Garden, Pisa, 2005
Railway Garden, Parma, 2000
Hilton Garden, Florence, 2007
Disney Garden, Todi, 2007
Seaside Garden, Formia, 2002
Prison Garden, Florence, 2007
Fisherman Garden, Sicily, 2001
Jungle Garden, Sicily, 2002
Condominium Garden, Terni, 2006

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Orti-Vegetable Gardens
I have been fascinated by orti (vegetable gardens) for many years now.
I love their microcosmic nature, the order or disorder, the different methods
and materials used to confine the space, the precariousness. A commission from the MAXXI museum in Rome in 2007 helped me to explore the 19th century origins of the German Schrebergartens, the French jardins ouvriers and the British community gardens. I firmly believe urban designers should take note of the beneficial aspects of these plots of land.